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I have been practising and studying Kinesiology for 4 and a half years now and I am an accredited member of TASK THE ASSOCIATION OF SYSTEMATIC KINESIOLOGY. I currently work 2 days at a clinic in littlehampton, I rent a room at a clinic in Handcross and I work from home.

Kinesiology is for everyone !! for people who just feel low on energy /lack of motivation/feel unwell/ stressed/ anxious even for those who regularly go to the Gym/Run /Swim all types of exercise.

I became interested in Kinesiology while working as a bricklayer for many years, suffering from sciatica and not being able to work, which was a big problem as I was self employed at the time. Kinesiology helped me to get back to work a lot sooner than just simply resting. It also helped me get back to exercise, which I still enjoy now.

I was like a lot of people, thinking that my body will look after itself no matter how or what i did with it. But the truth is unless we look after our bodies they will wear out a lot quicker than they would if we took care of them. Have a check up ! like an MOT if you like. We don't always have to wait for aches and pains to become really bad, our bodies to feel completely drained, illnesses to reoccur over and over. Kinesiology is a way of aiding the body to help itself and restore the natural balance, we ourselves and our bodies enjoy.

I have for a long time now been interested in the body and how it works. Through learning Kinesiology, this sparked an even bigger interest with how amazing our bodies are at healing. And how much our state of mind can also affect our bodies. When using Kinesiology techniques, I am able to take away the guess work of how and why your body hurts or feels and aid the body back to its natural healthy state.

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